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2017 League Schedule

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 August 19th Colts Orioles Bentley
Blue Jays Braves Walled Lake Western
Bobcats Cougars Garden City HS*
Rockets Stallions Northville
August 20th Falcons Gators Walled Lake Northern
Chargers Eagles Bentley
August 26th Gators Blue Jays Bentley
Braves Cougars Garden City HS*
August 27th Orioles Bobcats Novi High School
Eagles Colts Northville
Rockets Chargers Walled Lake Central
Stallions Falcons Bentley
September 9th
Falcons Braves Walled Lake Western
Cougars Colts Northville
Bobcats Eagles Bentley
September 10th Orioles Chargers Walled Lake Central
Stallions Blue Jays Bentley
Gators Rockets Farmington High School
September 16th Rockets Falcons Bentley
Blue Jays Cougars Garden City HS*
Chargers Stallions Northville
Colts Gators Walled Lake Northern
September 17th Orioles Eagles Bentley
Braves Bobcats Novi High School
September 23rd
Cougars Orioles Bentley
Stallions Gators Walled Lake Northern
Chargers Braves Walled Lake Western
September 24th Eagles Falcons Bentley
Blue Jays Rockets Farmington High School
Bobcats Colts Northville
September 30 Falcons Blue Jays Bentley
Eagles Cougars Garden City HS*
October 1st Rockets Orioles Bentley
Gators Bobcats Novi High School
Colts Chargers Walled Lake Central
Braves Stallions Northville
October 7th Cougars Falcons Bentley
Braves Colts Northville
Chargers Gators Walled Lake Northern
October 8th Orioles Blue Jays Bentley
Eagles Rockets Farmington High School
Stallions Bobcats Novi High School
October 14th Blue Jays Eagles Bentley
Gators Braves Walled Lake Western
Bobcats Chargers Walled Lake Central
October 15th Falcons Orioles Bentley
Cougars Rockets Farmington High School
Colts Stallions Northville
October 21-22
S4 Seed S1 Seed See Standings
S3 Seed S2 Seed See Standings
N4 Seed N1 Seed See Standings
N3 Seed N2 Seed See Standings
N5 Seed S5 Seed See Standings
S6 Seed N6 Seed See Standings
October 29
S3/S2 Winner S1/S4 Winner See Standings
N3/N2 Winner N1/N4 Winner See Standings
October 28th Cheerfest! TBD
November 4th
TBD TBD See Standings

* Start Times: Freshman - 12pm, JV - 2pm, Varsity - 4pm
** Start Times: Freshman - 2pm, JV - 4pm, Varsity - 6pm
^ Start Times: Freshman - 10am, JV - 12pm, Varsity - 2pm
^^ Start Times: Freshman - 3pm, JV - 5pm, Varsity - 7pm

NOTE:  All Flag Games Start 2 Hours Prior to the Freshman Games

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